Many times, we will meet the boot screen display must press the compaq 490949-001 laptop keyboard F1 key to continue to start system, this situation may also means that the computer some place out of the fault. So how to solve the problem? Below is a summary of the practice of several leads to F1 key to continue to start the system fault causes and solutions.

1, batteries or CMOS RAM partly damaged
If appear on the screen "CMOS battery failed" or "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded", said onboard batteries or CMOS RAM parts damaged. The compaq 504611-001 laptop keyboard onboard batteries is the most common cause press the F1 key to continue to start the system reason, as long as the replacement of a motherboards battery can solve. And "CMOS check sum error - De - faults loaded" is usually due to refresh motherboard BIOS unsuccessful cause, while the computer can also normal start, but in the BIOS may lack of information. At this time to brush again motherboard BIOS can.

2, the floppy disk failure should be closed
Part of the user's computer still install a Floppy Disk, or some user computer although no Floppy drive, but in the BIOS is set to have, so the computer compaq 504611-031 laptop keyboard will start appear "Flop - py Disk (s) fail or Floppy Disk (s) fail (80) or Floppy Disk (s) fail (40)" this hint, said the system could not find the Floppy Disk, if there is a Floppy Disk may look Floppy drive of lines and data lines have a loose or joint fault, or the Floppy drive on another computer on try, if these are not, so I'll have to buy another one. If there is no floppy Drive, into the motherboard BIOS will "Drive A" set to "None".

3, test memory or disk failure
If the user in the BIOS is not set quick start, then main board will be in the process of start testing memory or disk state, once found a wrong place, also can appear error prompt. Such as BIOS to complete compaq 602035-001 laptop keyboard four memory test, or find hard disk master-slave plate setting not correct computer knowledge, can appear the corresponding tip. These or increase the computer startup time or on our daily use does not affect, so can enter BIOS will be one of the "Quick PowerOn Self Test" set to "Enabled", after storage can be restarted.

4, BIOS setting error, overclock fail
If the user to BIOS content is not proficient, but again in blindly disorderly set 1, or user overclocking when set too high frequency cause the system can't start, all of these may cause press the compaq mini 700 series laptop keyboard F1 key to continue to start system. The solution relatively simple, enter BIOS choose "LOAD SETUPDEFAULTS" LOAD motherboard BIOS default setting value and then restart the can.

5, temperature, voltage, fan and error
Some main board have hardware monitoring function, can set up the mainboard and CPU temperature monitoring, voltage regulator voltage output quasi a monitoring and to each fan speed monitoring, when the surveillance function in boot found abnormal situation, then will appear afore-mentioned this passage, then can enter BIOS open "PCHealth Status", check the fan speed, processor temperature, the compaq mini 700ea laptop keyboard voltage value, etc., to determine which part out of the anomaly, and then modified.

The most easily lead to press the F1 key to continue to start system is onboard batteries and overclock fail, as for other reasons though the compaq mini 701ed laptop keyboard possibility of small, but the actual operation but also can be used as reference. Different mortherboard BIOS in English may vary, the user operation if not very understand, can refer to the main board of instruction.