September 16 news, according to media reports, since 12 apple conference launched iPhone 5 after, concerning this phone report is overspread, occupy a lot of media headlines, but also to sony vaio vgn-n270e/t laptop keyboard iPhone 5 various performance is also made a very in-depth reports, such as support LTE 4 g networks, and at the same time, wireless speed also has been greatly upgrade, then such as thin body after 4 inches display and so on. Put down the iPhone 5 various performance ascension do not say, this article mainly focuses on discussing the iPhone 5 does not have some performance.

1, larger screen size

In the iPhone 5 conference site, be responsible for design iPhone five chief designer ivey said, this is the first time apple iPhone will phone from 3.5 inches increased to 4 inches, and apple's chief executive officer Tim cook also said, now a lot of intelligent mobile phone screen is more and more big (such as samsung Galaxy S3 sony vaio vgn-n270e/w laptop keyboard screen is 4.8 inches, and sales performance is very good), but cook believes that the mobile phone screen do big is simpler, but apple choice is to enhance the use of consumer experience and rising to the challenge, so, just will screen from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. Below is now the mainstream of intelligent mobile phone screen size chart:

But also for screen size problem, apple official website also made the official response: to build a bigger screen intelligent mobile phone is very easy, but if only to pursue screen big and cellular phone screen design into big just ignore the user feel, big mobile phone will make the user feel awkward, it is not convenient to use. Will iPhone 5 design into 4 inches of original intention is to let the consumer with the convenient, iPhone 5 and iPhone4S the same width, just write it more tall, so that users can still one hand operation mobile phone, and display content more, application icon from sony vaio vgn-n320e laptop keyboard iPhone4S four column increased to now iPhone 5 five columns.

Can see from this, the apple is in order to consumers and convenient operation and iPhone 5 design into 4 inches, and no blind follow suit.

2, NFC (near earth communication technology)

Many people for apple to explore whether mobile payment field was very curious, as more and more of the Android rivals started built-in NFC technology (near earth communication technology), Google Wallet began to rapid development. Apple Passbook is the company pay into the field of stepping stone, so NFC it became the sony vaio vgn-n365e laptop keyboard people to guess the fuse. Before Apple. Pro website has found that the latest iPhone circuit board pictures, found the new iPhone mobile phone installed near field communication (NFC) chip, but the fact proved iPhone 5 did not support this function.

Apple's chief senior vice President Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) in AllThingsD accept an interview this said: although NFC technology has been a lot of intelligent mobile phone use, but apple did not provide the sony vaio vgn-n370e laptop keyboard iPhone 5. Schiller said, apple Passbook will has been able to provide most consumers hope that function, there is no existing businesses payment system under the support of finished the work, and at present and not sure NFC is to solve the current problems.

3, wireless charging

When the nokia launched launch Windows Phone and mobile operating system Lumia 920, everyone is the equipment of wireless charging surprised by technology. Nokia Lumia 920 built-in wireless charging, the user simply will phone to wireless charger pallets, then starts to for the mobile charging. There are a variety of wireless charger can for the user choice, including the design beautiful nokia wireless charger and wireless charging pillow. At the same time, the user can also choose a new mobile phone accessories, such as speaker or headphones, JBL launched JBL sony vaio vgn-n385e/w laptop keyboard PowerUp wireless charging horn accessories, with high quality audio playback function and restore ancient ways modelling, let the accessories for the mobile icing on the cake.

This is a very attractive function, also is the apple company is focus on the research and development of one of the characteristics. But Schiller in apple products conference this explains: wireless charging system still need to meet the socket on the wall, and it is not clear how much can increase vaio vgn-n385e laptop keyboard Meanwhile, widely used USB charging interface, not only can be inserted into the socket on the wall, but also in the computer and even in the use of. He said: "must develop another joint wall plug equipment, in most cases the actual more complex."

As for why the company changed seat charger connector, almost all since 2003 and issued by the iPhone iPod has the equipment, Schiller said, just because they don't change the sony vaio vgn-n395e/w laptop keyboard interface to development and new iPhone iPod and as thin products. So, just launched a new "Lightning" connector.