1. Time delay and radiation problem, in the early days of the wireless mouse, the mouse delay is indeed a lot of problems, but with the click of a mouse dell laptop keyboard chip development and wireless technology application, in general home or office use, currently on the market mainstream wireless mouse delay is not obvious, can satisfy this kind of the needs of users. But for professional gamers, may be most wireless mouse do not apply. In fact, all of the electronic products have radiation, only radiation size to differ, the market mainstream wireless mouse use 2.4 GHz wireless technology, and a small number who are using bluetooth wireless technology, but in radiation problem, and we have not special measured wireless products radiation data, but from a technical point of view, the two wireless technology radiation is small, can be neglected. So, because time delay and radiation problem and refused to wireless mouse, now seems to be a bit is not reasonable.

2. Of cable and wireless mouse mouse is one of the biggest differences, wireless mouse need through the batteries to power supply, and wired mouse can through the computer power supply, so wireless mouse battery power consumption size can affect the use of user dell vostro 3700 laptop keyboard cost problem, this is also the most users reaction of a problem, some wireless mouse power consumption is bigger, often need to replace the battery, not a few net friend to increase the later use cost, but from the market perspective, the life of the battery in 3 months or so the product is the right choice, and the user can consider to use rechargeable batteries to save the cost of late. In addition, the mouse internal load cell, will increase the weight of the mouse, affect and mouse mat of friction, on the market wireless mouse use single section and double section 5 battery, also has use 7 of the battery. So, the battery life and wireless mouse weight is a big problem.

3. Wireless mouse is not suitable for playing games, this reason right? For some professional players or the game operation requirements higher game players, wireless mouse cable compared the mouse has no advantage, mainly reflected in performance, but the market also has special designed for game players of the game the mouse, such as logi G7. Wireless mouse is for playing games,hp g61 110sa laptop keyboard in fact and the game type, user needs more relationship. So don't completely negative wireless mouse is not suitable for playing games, but in competitive games, the use of the wireless mouse professional players haven't appeared.

4. For the 2.4 GHz technology of wireless mouse, in the first use, must through the code rate matching process, for some users speaking, compared with cable mouse, this process may appear more troublesome. So wireless mouse adapter although also use USB interface,hp g62 laptop keyboard but in the first before use, must after matching process.

5. Early wireless mouse, high prices is not each consumer can accept, but with the increase of the wireless mouse products on the market is low wireless mouse hp g72 laptop keyboard has and cable mouse on an equal footing, but if on a par with cable compared to the mouse, wireless mouse price will be higher, so the price factor is also net friend don't buy wireless mouse a reason.

In a word, cable mouse and wireless mouse have their respective advantages and disadvantages, seen above five don't buy wireless mouse reason, it is not difficult to find that we treat problems in a one-sided sex, in choosing the mouse, consumer must according to the hp g72 102sa laptop keyboard actual demand to choose, the best before buying interest in understanding the product features and price.