IBM's a team of scientists have for gateway mt6451 laptop cpu fan the first time in 2009 to capture a single molecular close-up is famous in the world, now they once again revealed a very surprising detailed microscopic image showing the interatomic individual chemical bonds. They are how to get so breathtaking close-up? The scientists used a atomic force microscope, through two different contrast structure captured two images. These images not only explains monomer nanoscale graphene molecular structure, and display the atom is how to contact together.
Published in the journal science on September fourteenth journal study conclusion for further study graphene device is of great significance, and graphene may be used to gateway mt6723 laptop cpu fan replace microchips such existing technology. These findings may help scientists track chemical reaction period electronic path.
IBM scientist Leo - gross in a written statement said: "we found two different contrast structure used to distinguish between chemical bonds. The first contrast is based on chemical bonds on measuring force small differences make, the second contrast really bring us a surprise: in atomic force gateway mt6728 laptop cpu fan microscope measurement depending on the chemical bonds have different length. Through the calculation we found that carbon monoxide molecules in the top of the tilt is due to this difference."
This piece of color photographs show the atom chemical bond length and the electron density, so darker point represents the molecular most densely populated part. Coupled with the length and density, the scientists to determine the type of chemical bonds and molecular happened in what kind of chemical reaction.
Gross told the BBC news channel gateway mt6729 laptop cpu fan reporter way: "in pentacene experiments, we see the chemical bond, but we can not really distinguish them or understanding the different chemical bonds of different attribute. Now we really can prove we can understand the different chemical bonds of different physical properties, and that really exciting.
Earlier this year, IBM scientists caught the first single molecular image showing the electronic charge how to distribution. Now they released image let the`gateway mt6730 laptop cpu fan study further and in nanoscale physics field take significant step.