Due to the unstable power supply quality hp g61-100ea laptop keyboard, often causing computer  equipment hardware damages, loss of valuable data, so the UPS has  gradually become buy computer equipment indispensable standard equipped  with. However, how to choose and buy UPS became troubled users often one  of the most important problems. Therefore, the author in the sales  process, customers often put forward questions to arrange, and puts  forward solutions, and I hope it can help the reader UPS of choose and  buy.
A, what is meant by UPS?
This is usually the  first contact UPS customers the most often asked a question. UPS English  name is Uninterruptable Power System, referred to as UPS. The so-called  UPS, just as its name implies, it is when there is a power failure can  take a continuing supply mains power equipment, like emergency lighting  equipment, but UPS capacity bigger and faster response, the use of more  wide, set when the mains sudden interruption, UPS can be used for  emergency replace mains, and because of limited capacity, the hp g61-100sa laptop keyboard general  are applied to protect the important equipment, such as computer  equipment, fire equipment, medical instrument, etc. Of course UPS also  has its use restrictions, and especially the inductive load, like  electric fan, air conditioners and home appliances are not applicable,  because the inductive load will produce anti electric meter more  precision.
Second, UPS used in where?
Electromotive  force. In addition the start current is larger equipment is not  applicable, because it too much starting current will cause UPS  misoperation.
Third, why to use UPS?
With our computer  as an example to illustrate this problem. Today, if there is no use  UPS, so when the mains happens unusual, will cause the computer is down  machine, even cause hardware fault, when upkeep will not underestimate; hp g61-101tu laptop keyboard Hardware failure can spend maintenance, but the information stored in  hard drive? That's rich also can't buy. Therefore, for your equipment  buy UPS, like to buy insurance, encounter. Here attached explanation is  necessary, UPS is not only when there is a power failure to play a role,  when appear mains abnormalities, such as mains voltage is too low, too  high, surge, spike, line noise is enough to affect equipment normal  operation of power supply quality, UPS will play a role. Therefore, the  importance of UPS is obviously.
Four, UPS is how to work?
UPS  power supply when the mains principle is normal, the machine will mains  of the alternating current (ac) to direct current, and then to the  battery for electric power disruptions use; Once when the mains when an  exception occurs, then will be stored in the cell of the dc conversion  for alternating current (ac), supply load continue to use hp g61-102tu laptop keyboard, achieve  uninterruptable power function. Here we emphasize that UPS and not when  the power will be action, such as the voltage is too low or too high,  instantaneous surge enough to affect the normal operation of equipment,  UPS all can action, to equipment to provide stable and clean power