Although iPad said the iOS system is very easy to use dell precision m4400 series laptop cpu cooling fan, but there are still some just iPad of user is not too easy to find little skill. And if these tips to effective utilization, a lot of time to be able to help you better use equipment, this is also the purpose of fruit fan net one. Below, I
Although iPad said the iOS system is very easy to use, but there are still some just iPad of user is not too easy to find little skill. And if these tips to effective utilization, a lot of time to be able to help you better use equipment, this is also the purpose of fruit fan net one. Below, we share iPad new users 15 must know little skill:
The lock screen interface directly start "digital photo frame"
In the lock screen interface, click on the "mobile slider to release" the right button to start "digital photo frame, and there is a lot of pictures switching effects oh.
Will muting switch into screen direction lock switch
IPad right can fluctuate toggle switch, by default it is used dell studio 1535 series laptop cpu cooling fan to open/close "mute" function, but we can be in "Settings - general - side switch used in:" office will its set to screen direction lock switch, so no matter you are horizontal and vertical or take iPad, are not automatically transform picture the direction.
Double-click the Home button adjustable screen brightness
Double-click the Home button shows the background after running task list, if reoccupy finger right sliding list (the left content hauled out), you will find there is direct adjustment screen brightness of the slider, and can also play music from here, adjust volume, the launch of the "music" application.
Will the keyboard into two half
Because iPad screen size is larger, both hands take typing is dell studio 1555 series laptop cpu cooling fan difficult, especially hand smaller girl. In fact, you only need to use two thumb will keyboard forced "break", also is the finger on the keyboard to the left and to the right, then make into both sides pull the action.
Use the phonetic input
The keyboard is divided into two half bad typing? So the best choice for you is to use voice input, also is "dictation" function, but there was no support for Chinese, in the English input keyboard in tender just saw the button as shown. If you find no words, please in "Settings - general - keyboard" open "dictation" function, if you find there are also no words, that proves your system's the upgrade.
Remember these multitasking gestures
Four refers to do "catch close" action, can return to the main screen;
Four refers to push on, it will show much task bar;
About four fingers slip, can be directly in the switch between task;
Above three gestures, with five fingers can also realize.
In the Dock bar put six icon
The main screen at the bottom of the column is called the dell studio 1555 series laptop cpu cooling fan Dock column (OS X system is also), if you buy a new iPad of, will notice the Dock bar only four icon, is actually can put six icon, you only need to set the main screen icon until the Dock column up it.
Will not commonly used procedures on the folder
In the iPad create folder is very simple, you only need to put a program icon drag to another program icon, will automatically create folders, and the two programs are in a folder. Next, you can also will more icon in tow put in. Suggest you put not commonly used in the application of folder, a folder most can put 20 application.
The website collection to the main screen
In browsing the web, if meet like website, can be the dell studio 1736 laptop cpu cooling fan collection to the main screen. The method is very simple, direct click on Safari browser address bar on the left of the "arrow" button, and then select "add to the main screen" can. So, the next time to visit this site can direct click on the main screen icon access, and not into the browser and input the website.
Do not use black or dark system wallpaper
The reason is you on the screen left fingerprints or oil pollution may see more clearly, affect visual result. And the use of bright color system wallpaper, can avoid this problem.
Hold the Home key, and then according to the top of the open the key, you can flash once screenshots success. Capture screen will automatically save to "photos" library, and can also in the photo library in the screenshots through the iMessage, eMail or other communication tools for share.
Close the "application inside buy" function
If you buy iPad is to give the home child play, then this one is very important. Because a lot of software at any time are likely to pop up "in the application to buy" function, young children like to point, perhaps click, you spend money out (usually not so serious, after all, will enter password?), so or closed off!
Enter the "Settings - general - restrict access", and click the above "enable restrict access", and then down to scroll to "allow content:" part, close the "application inside buy" function.
Set iMessage
Open iMessage later, can free and other iOS equipment hair "message" now, but need to have network can. Set iMessage is very simple, direct in "Settings - information" in open iMessage function,dell vostro 1018 series laptop cpu cooling fan and landing your Apple ID account is ok.
Use iCloud
ICloud can synchronize information, mail, remind matters, bookmarks, memos. And to put your photos, documents, etc backup in the clouds, very convenient. You can through the "Settings - iCloud" to open these functions, the only thing you need is a Apple ID account.
Open Find My iPad function
Find My iPad can let you locate you iPad position, enable this feature, then you can not only in iPad lost after, use your other apple equipment to Find it. And you can also use it positioning you other apple equipment, such as iPhone, iPod touch even Mac computers.
The most important thing is, even if you have already been clear to dell laptop cpu cooling fan  know oneself is take back his has lost equipment, can still through the Find My iPad to remote lock, or deleted you equipment all the private data, effectively avoid Chen the things.
Open Find My iPad is through the "Settings - iCloud". If one day you iPad really lost, you will now open for the function and feel happy.