Last month, Google in its developers conference has released a new sense of future intelligent glasses - Google Glass. Google's co-founder sergei Boolean to claim a "wearable computing times" arrived. Compared hp pavilion dv7-2100eg laptop cpu fan with pockets took out from the intelligent mobile phone, wearable means to obtain information can be more rapid, convenient. Google Glass sells for 1500 us dollars, estimated the next year earlier shipment, now accept reservation. Recently, some to participate in the project, staff and join "Glass Explorers project" developers meet video (Hangouts). Foreign Geek website according to the video to meet revealed information, to Google Glass products on the detailed summary. Now know about Google Glass of everything here.
Hardware parameters
Google Glass hardware system is still in the adjustment, but also continuously tests, so its detail is not known. Now, however, Google Glass in hardware hp pavilion dv7-2000 laptop cpu fan and Galaxy Nexus very close, only is no cell phone function. In video group chat, a Google employees say: Google Glass now configuration "basically is a WiFi version of the Galaxy Nexus". According to the above statement, Google Glass processor should be dual-core processor TI OMAP4460.
Google Glass cameras now it is not very clear. Because one of the focal points of Google promotion is photography, camera is for all the attention. This unit has been in constant adjustments. Glass from the team in the Google + release posts to see, camera and before the release of the time of the great change, all kinds of resolution photos have. In some posts, also discuss the hp pavilion dv7-3000 laptop cpu fan timing photos or fast taking pictures.
About equipment storage, in video group chat basic not covered. Google Glass team members suggest developers to focus on and connected to the clouds of the application, not local application. That is to say, the whole system will be dependent on the Internet connection. In the conversation did not mention offline mode, equipment also won't have removable storage, because the only interface is used to charge of micro USB hp pavilion dv7-3000 series laptop cpu fan interface. Like this also accord with reason, increase storage will occupy space, and equipment of space was very small.
Said Google Glass weight and sunglasses almost. Team members say they still in improving the battery endurance, when products listed, the best that can be done the use of all day.
Software system
Now still do not know what is Google Glass operation of the system. Very likely is a version of the Android system, because it can run Google + Hangouts. But even so, it won't be as we now know Android operating system. Google Glass operation Hangouts, we in the Google I/O conference has seen the. In video group chat, some team members is to use Google Glass into, they can see the participation group chat, and can complete involved.
Team members said developers get Glass equipment is there are many can be developed.hp pavilion dv7-3100 laptop cpu fan Developers can "through the flash to build you want anything, for example as the client application and so on". Because most of the software Google Glass is open source, developers can glasses used for special purposes.
Operating function
In Google Glass had all sorts of use video, can see that Google Glass is through the lateral touch button to operate, this also is the main mode of operation. And in trackpad with gestures can be system and application in navigation, and equipment top have a action buttons, used for other operation, may be switch machine function. If there is a sound control and gestures control, at present still don't know. Google Glass design is wearing all day long, but this does not mean that it has always been startup state. A simple action,hp pavilion dv7-3100 series laptop cpu fan such as fierce rise, can turn off the screen, make the equipment into the sleep state. To open the equipment according to the need glasses lateral button. It is unclear whether any other action.
Propaganda video "One Day" to bring the outside question answer to excess. One of them is navigation. What is system navigation through sound, gestures, or other means to control? In fact, equipment side is touch panel, and system navigation is by the touch panel control. In trackpad on sliding can control system and application, and equipment at the top of a button is used as the action button.
Project Glass design original intention is equipment stays on the user's hp pavilion dv7-3100eb laptop cpu fan head, but not all the time. A simple action - fast shook his head - will be closed screen and let equipment into sleep mode. To open equipment just press the top of the key.
The future
As wearing type equipment products, Google Glass have successfully inspired many people's hp pavilion dv7-4300el laptop cpu fan curiosity, but it can realize her vision, it is another issue. For like equipment Geek, it may have can't wait to put Google Glass wear in the eye. But Google Glass to throughout, still have a long way to go, at least the cost of problems to be solved, the current price is too expensive for us $1500.
Even for those who participate in the Glass Explorer Project person, Project Glass is still a distant thing. But Google development team members are put his whole heart into in the project of work to make this kind of magical equipment into reality. In these years, we see many companies in the development of can in the face of the equipment,hp pavilion dv7-4300er laptop cpu fan but Project Glass is the first vehicle to really understand the true meaning of such equipment in.