My book is Y450 - TSI (H), book samsung r60 series laptop cpu fan take memory is samsung DDR3-1066. I bought a 1333 memory bank, want to composition dual channel, saying is to drop frequency. Please friends friends who can teach me how to drop frequency, the way a good point software. thank you If possible, the best step by step teach, I to hardware blind ah. ~ ~
I also Y450A - TSI, my is two 1 g 1066 samsung, make I bought two JinShiDu 2 gb. You buy a 1333 frequency memory on line, it automatically drop frequency to 1066 book here are two pieces of screw strangled little damper,
You open near the cell that piece, open you can see a memory and memory, hand the two border checkpoint tank to both sides put apart, and then turn inside out memory went, plug the memory must pay attention to the memory completely inserted in the press again
Friends. That I use the CPU samsung r580 series laptop cpu fan - Z to check how no composition dual channel???????? Need to set up?
You buy memory is 1 g?
The cabin is 2 g samsung 1066. I bought it myself is 2 g samsung 1333
That is no problem, symmetrical double channel, as for CPU - Z why not display double channel, should be sequence is different, do not have influence
Will that be the result is bad, need to use software to attribute what not.
No, no influence
Do you think it is good to want the result, in solid hard disk, CPU samsung r560 series laptop cpu fan into T9400! Ha ha ha ha ~
Ha ha. That is to change directly computer well. ! I'll have a try, thank you for your answer, give to you!
Y450 is a classic book ah, don't change T9400, also 780, get the performance absolute value
But in ask you a question ha. Automatic drop frequency, is it has been formed double channel?
Is dual channel, 2 g + 2 g, symmetric dual channel, frequency you don't have to samsung r540 series laptop cpu fan pipe