1, look for the male plate design
Front said, some motherboard manufacturer for toshiba laptop cpu fansaving cost, lower the price, not only will the mainboard volume change little, also do not use male plate design, even in the motherboard materials on the corresponding adjustment, only satisfies chipset proposed basic performance requirements. The lower the cost of practice is to the manufacturer's main board layout design ability of a test: in a small space placed the same expansion slots, and maintain stability and limit electromagnetic interference, so that the rationality of the design of main board structure arrangement is especially important, a bit of a design is not reasonable will lead to crash.

From this point of view, the strength of the manufacturers can easily be in these places appear loophole, motherboard instability, poor performance are caused by. So, for consumers, if there is no special requirements, or choose the male plate design of the motherboard is better.

How to identify motherboard is male plate design,toshiba satellite l505d-109 laptop cpu fan that is about to see users to chipset mastering of the. For example a most chipset provide 6 PCI interface, but the user to the purchase of motherboard while using this chipset, but only provides four PCI interface, this is the non-state-owned plate design. In fact, in the motherboard manufacturer in the world rarely completely according to male plate design.

2, observe the CPU socket position
CPU socket position is very important. If on the mainboard is too close to the edge, then in some the space is narrow or power position not reasonable inside the case will be installed CPU radiator difficult situation (especially in the user want to change radiator and don't want to make the whole motherboards and out). By the toshiba satellite l505d-es5024 laptop cpu fansame token, the CPU socket around the electrolytic capacitor should not get too close, otherwise one is not convenient installation radiator (and even some CPU large radiator simply can't install); for another, may damage the electrolytic capacitor.

3, observe the ATX power supply position
Almost every motherboard ATX power supply interface position is different. Reasonable position should be on the mainboard edge on one side of the right or the CPU socket and memory slot between, and should not appear in the CPU socket and left between I/O interface. This can avoid some power supply connection too short awkward, also won't appear in CPU radiator installation or influence CPU surrounding air circulation problems.

4, observe the memory slot position
Attention should be paid to the installation longer AGP display toshiba satellite l505d-es5025 laptop cpu fancard, and graphics card adjacent memory slot buckles will can't open. If it is in memory and must take graphics down, that you will be in trouble. In addition, the memory slot also should not be too close to the right edge main board, or else it may lead to installation cd-rom drive and memory bank when collision.

5, observe the floppy drive and IDE equipment interface position
Floppy drive and IDE interface position, if in the main board by the right, need to consider whether the cd-rom will be the; If the main board on the toshiba satellite l505d laptop cpu fan right, it should not only consider the will to installation longer PCI interface card, also want to consider if the case is bigger, may appear IDE data line not enough long situation.

Thus it can be seen, main board structure layout problems not only may affect the stability, sometimes some details will also lead to consumers use not convenient. Strong motherboard manufacturer tend to fully consider the user convenience, for example some large capacitance shoulds not be placed in PCI slot, AGP slot near, because they have may hinder part of the expansion card insertion. And as now CPU radiator volume is more and more big, this will request the CPU socket nearby large capacity electrolytic capacitor can't from socket too close, should give huge CPU radiator reserve enough space. But at the same time, in order to improve power quality, in order to the stability of the CPU toshiba satellite l505 laptop cpu fan, and must be placed in the CUP plug near a large number of electrolytic capacitor. For some big manufacturer is concerned, they can be both treatment is very good, if it is a small factory of words, may not know what to do.