Big blue IBM's ibm thinkpad r30 series laptop cpu cooling fan scientists once again to show their strong scientific research strength: the first time in history, use the standard mainstream semiconductor technology, will be more than ten thousand carbon nanotubes create transistor accurately was placed in a chip inside, and through the feasibility test. For many years, people have been expected to find a new kind of materials, can replace the traditional chip of silicon, thus further promote semiconductor manufacturing process, get smaller, faster, more strong computer chips, IBM is made with carbon nanotube in the field into commercial application of the first step.
As a kind of semiconductor materials, carbon nanotubes have a lot of silicon is better than that of natural attribute, especially suitable for ibm thinkpad r31 series laptop cpu cooling fan thousands of atomic scale construction nanoscale transistors, the electron can more easily than silicon transistor transfer, to realize a more rapid data transmission, nanotubes shape is in atomic scale composition transistor go up of beautiful anthology.
IBM's results have proved that, people can at a predetermined basal position with a large amount of carbon nanotubes transistor etched integrated circuit, including isolation semiconductor nanotubes, in wafer placed on high density carbon materials equipment is the key, because finally commercial chip is need integrated tens of billions of transistor.
Before this, scientists can only be placed at the same time the most hundreds of carbon nanotubes, far not for commercial use. IBM is using ion exchange chemical theory developed a new method to accurately, controllable in the base in order placed a lot of carbon nanotubes, density is reached about per square centimeter,ibm thinkpad r50 laptop cpu cooling fan than before results improve the two orders of magnitude.
IBM first to carbon nanotubes coated with a surfactant (imagine make more soluble in water "soap"), and then chemically treated hafnium oxide (HfO2) and silica (SiO2) production base, including groove part using hafnium oxide, then base on the carbon nanotubes solution, nanotubes can through the chemical bonds attached to hafnium oxide groove, and other parts of the basement is still "clean", finally able to on a single chip manufacturing of thousands of transistor.
Because this method compatible standard semiconductor manufacturing technology, large-scale development and test and more simple.
Of course, it is still a ibm thinkpad r50e laptop cpu cooling fan long march of li of the first step, carbon nanotubes when on earth can replace silicon, can only look forward to the slowly.