The problem about memory, the computer dell vostro v3550 laptop keyboard will have what problem, in fact there are many situation, generally for the following kinds:
1, memory after on main board alarm. This kind of situation is not the boot. This is to belong to memory bad the situation.
2, in the boot appears after the 000 x000000 bluescreen of similar situation, this kind of circumstance is to belong to memory frequency and motherboard bus the problem, the likelihood is main board does not support this memory frequency.
3, machine on normal, but in the operation of large dell xps 15 l502x laptop keyboard operation or the game appear bluescreen, similar to the second kind of circumstance, that this condition is probably belong to memory sequential unbalanced problem, the likelihood is you overclock cause memory sequential disorder.
4, machine operation, operation, the game all normal, but in the system properties shows out memory capacity or less display memory capacity, this kind of circumstance may be your system, also may be motherboard slot bad then didn't identify one of the memory, this kind of situation motherboard is not alarm.
5, memory of the gold finger broken. If you have two words of memory, the dell xps m1330 laptop keyboard system will only recognition that no bad memory, so also will appear on a kind of circumstance, such motherboard is also not alarm, if single plug this a bad memory, then the motherboard will alarm.