1, optimizing the file system
Through the change file system Settings can improve the system performance
Realization method in the compaq presario c500 series laptop cpu fan control panel, click system performance - file system in hard disk label will the computer's main purpose to the web server to proofread the type optimization transferred to all in floppy disk label every time when they will start the computer. The search for a new floppy disk drive cancelled because by default floppy disk driver in every time Windows start to scan the new equipment and through the forbidden system boot floppy disk check let floppy disk driver still use the previous Settings can make system startup faster in the cd-rom label will additional cache transferred to maximum the best access method choose four times the speed or more high speed in portable disk label select the start all movable type on the disk drive and cache

2, let the file system also use Cache
System in reading and writing files to compaq presario cq50 series laptop cpu fan access file distribution list and Cache file system can be put just visited file swing by and file name in memory to speed up the next visit speed setting method in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/FSTemlates position for DesktopMobileServer there are three main key corresponding to the file system properties dialog box Desktop portable or connection type system network server three options if use Desktop can on the Desktop string NameCachePathCache modified MameCache = 80,,, cacheable 128 folder PathCache = 00 10 00 00 cacheable 4096 8.3 format file name about using 48 KB conventional memory

3, optimizing the graphics hardware
Through the specified for graphics hardware Settings haste ratings can improve the compaq presario cq61 laptop cpu fan graphic display. Realization method: in the control panel click system/performance/graphic will then hardware acceleration transferred to all

4, optimizing the virtual memory
If the computer hang on there are two different types of hard disk one literacy faster than another so through the manual set a literacy faster than another so through the manual setting let systems use fast hard do virtual memory so that it can improve the system performance but this step must be careful if you are a compaq presario cq71 laptop cpu fan novice words let Windows to manage the virtual memory, it will according to available hard drive space size to select the default Settings
Realization method: in the control panel, click system performance - virtual memory - user specified virtual memory setting and then according to their actual situation of the machine to choose hard disk and set virtual memory of maximum and minimum value.