1, on Windows XP desktop,compaq presario c500 laptop keyboard in turn, click "start" / "Settings" / "control panel" the order, open the control panel window, in which the double-click network icon, open the "network connection" interface,

2, in this interface, with the right mouse button click "wireless network connection icon, and then open from the shortcut menu, executive" attribute "the order, the system will automatically shows" wireless network connection attribute "Settings dialog box,

3, in here, you can use the compaq presario cq60 100ea laptop keyboard mouse to select "wireless network configuration" label, and during the next pop-up tag page, use the mouse to select "use Windows to configuration I wireless network configuration" check items, so that it can enable automatic wireless network configuration function;

4, then use the mouse to click the "advanced" button, open a "senior" Settings dialog box, and in this dialog box select the "only computer to computer (specific)" option, so as to realize the computer and computer mutual connection;

5, if we hope to be able to directly connected to the computer, and hope to compaq presario cq61 laptop keyboard keep connected to the access point of words, we can use the mouse to choose "any of the available network (preferred access point)" option;

Six, in the preferred access point wireless network, if found to have available network words, the system usually first try to connect to access point wireless network; XSKD 1 D 3.32 system of access point network can't use words, so the system will automatically try to connect to peer wireless network;

7, for example, if you work in the access point wireless network use notebook computer compaq presario v6500 laptop keyboard, notebook computer can be moved to another computer to computer used in network, then automatic wireless network configuration function will automatically according to the need to change the wireless network parameter Settings, you can in do not need to make any changes under the situation that can be directly connected to the family network;

Eight, to achieve the above Settings, then use the mouse to dell inspiron 1564 laptop keyboard click the "close" button in exit setup interface, and click the "ok" button to finish the wireless local area network (LAN) wireless connection Settings work, if the parameter set correctly, the system will automatically appear wireless network connection already successful tips.