Fault phenomenon: recently, yield to the sony vaio vgn-nr110e laptop keyboard temptation of DVD price cut, I spend 480 yuan bought a 16 × DVD. Because the original has a SONY48 × cd-rom, so the 16 ×

DVD pick up in the second IDE the mouth from the disk position, and correct the DVD jump line. After installation, boot with super XieBa has just borrowed DVD movies, and the results read disk is bluescreen system halted. Turn off again after check hardware sony vaio vgn nr120e/s laptop keyboard connection and correct, after startup and with the latest version antivirus software antivirus, all without exception. Once again test broadcasts DVD movies, still appeared bluescreen system halted. Replace disc or with Oriental nicely and other player software fault is still play, and even construe explorer view DVD drive within the VCD files can create bluescreen system halted.

Failure analysis and solution: doubt DVD pick from the disk position may have conflict, CD and DVD exchange master-slave position again after test (relevant jumper wire at the same time change), read the disk bluescreen crash phenomenon still exists, and even individual articulated DVD in IDE2 mouth also cannot be ruled out. Double check the sony vaio vgn nr160e/s laptop keyboard Settings, first in the boot of the BIOS setting corresponding DVD

IDE interface DMA read mode shielding and then to "control panel - system - device manager", check "CD - ROM" of the "IDEDVD - ROM16 ×" attribute, the attribute "Settings" dialogue in the window

DMA options before the "appropriate" take out, after the confirmation of restart the system, have been able to play the normal on DVD. Normally, now released dvd-rom can support DMA33 way of reading. May be and main board does not match it, my motherboard is 693 a via chipset, will have to upgrade onboard drive 4 in 1 patch to solve? And immediately the Internet to download the latest via 4 in 1 patch, have to sacrifice performance for sony vaio vgn nr160e/t laptop keyboard stability. However use a few days later, I found reading the disk of bluescreen crash or from time to time "emerge", it is the effect I see DVD movies spirits. I watch the bluescreen crash phenomenon appear screen hint, found that every time is report scsi1hlp. VXD lead to Windows error. To the Internet input the keyword search in the search engine, the vast net sea also really let me find a reference worth several relevant information. The original culprit is DVD device driver scsi1hlp. VXD, it's Windows

98 standard operating system file, it is used to help the operating system and some old SCSI - 1 equipment communication, in fact also support IDE interface cd-rom, DVD - ROM (ASPI mode). In general, if you update scsi1hlp. VXD file can solve the problem

By the author in many sets of computer sony vaio vgn-nr160e laptop keyboard use, this method is very good compatibility, obviously improving the reading ability of plate, the various types of CD and DVD drives are applicable, rarely appear read die phenomenon. If you're a similar read disk crash problem or your cd-rom error correction ability is poor, might as well try this method.

Perhaps some readers to say, I didn't get to the Internet, no condition download the update driver? Don't worry, I have a recruit, will C: \ Windows \ System \ IOSUBSYS

The directory scsi1hlp. VXD to other different extension (or delete) then restart your machine will make your drive equipment and most SCSI equipment working properly, so simple, don't believe? In fact, when restart your machine, the sony vaio vgn-nr430e laptop keyboard system will automatically will apix. VXD instead of scsi1hlp. VXD drive. By experiment, this method for some installation CD writer appeared after the relevant scsi1hlp. VXD Windows

Bluescreen error, is also "instant solutions," Bob's your uncle.