Now a lot of eyesight bad friends, if the computer Toshiba Satellite a500 Laptop cpu fan font is too small to see up always feel uncomfortable, especially to old people get to the Internet, they usually look at news, to play the game, such as the stock market, I met several old man asked me to help him take the computer font get bigger, or see not too clear.

Generally speaking to adjust computer font, the computer resolution down point line, also can adjust the proportion of web scale.

1, say first adjustment computer resolution right, this is a set up good long-term use, easy usage.

Right click desktop computer Toshiba Satellite a500d Laptop cpu fan - attributes - Settings - - - screen resolution - general Settings for 1024 * 768 good, if you still feel font is too small, he set for 800 * 600 it.

2, in the browser Settings, web page scaling. The default is 100% if a page font is too small can set amplification or 125%, 150% or 200%. As long as you see fit, but this setting a close the browser didn't, temporary.

Open the browser: IE6: view - text size - - - a larger or maximum

IE7, 8 setting method: web scale - choice of 125% or 150% display line Toshiba Satellite l300 Laptop cpu fan, web page font will become big.