The noise of the computer toshiba satellite l675 laptop cpu fan mainly from fans, a lot of information are introduced to fan to reduce the noise note oil method, but the author thought the fan noise is not necessarily because of lack of oil bearing, below the causes and fan noise to fan the oil specific operation, to elaborate their experience and knowledge.

The fan's door leaf "eccentric" is the main reason for the noise. High quality fan, its door leaf in the center of gravity axis, operating at very smoothly, the noise is small, and inferior fan, often exist certain deviation, door leaf center of gravity in the axis caused no "eccentric", a fan operation after get up, is equivalent to a oscillator (oscillator is in the motor shaft and a eccentric wheel), along with the use of time longer, fan toshiba satellite l675-s7018 laptop cpu fan bearing gradually wear, or fan heat sink installation is firm, appear loose and so on, they will make vibration noise is increased.

Such fault the simplest approach is to try to put the fan installed firmly, vibrate them up, of course, this method doesn't solve the substantive issues, because of the fan toshiba satellite c630 series laptop cpu fan leaves still "eccentric"; Another way is to give the fans in bearing the note oil, a buffer to vibration effect and abate noise; Still have a kind of method can resolve the problem ultimately: the fan leaves come down, with fine line through the door leaf center hole lift door leaf, if side down, explain this end is heavy, can be in grinding wheel grinding on a few times, so a few times after another, with a fine line lift door leaf, if the door leaf can in a horizontal position still, and that successful transformation.

The oil to fan several questions:

1. The sewing machine oil or oil, the author suggest using four stroke motorcycle engine oil, because the sewing machine oil is very thin, liquidity and volatile strong, note after oil in many long time no, fan and will "he's had a relapse," and sewing machine oil to shocks buffer action is very small, to abate the toshiba satellite c640 series laptop cpu fan noise, the effect is not big, with engine oil to avoid the just above two shortcomings.

2. Note the sealing problem after oil, fan note oil on the part of a paper label, peel the tag paper note after oil, this paper label is not able to use, with what to replace? The author chooses is four or five layers of scotch tape paper. Find a roll of scotch tape paper, use a knife to draw a horizontal knife, cut about four or five layer, and then put the four or five layers of scotch tape paper together off can use toshiba satellite l20 series laptop cpu fan it. Note must not only use a layer of adhesive tape, because a layer of adhesive tape in the fan turns easy vibration produce noise, and may cause oil splash damage. With transparent tape paper instead of paper label and a good fan is whether lack of oil, a look and then know, be clear at a glance, and need not apart.