Due to the different period of motherboard for keyboard sony vgn fe890 laptop keyboard mouse boot function setting different, so want to shut down the keyboard on the mouse function, can cause the host closed keyboard mouse after bright lights, often used methods are classified into the following two:
1, the keyboard mouse closed in on function
At present, most of the main board the provides for keyboard Mouse boot Function setting, you can enter BIOS the main menu "Power Management Setup" page, find the "S3 KB Wake-Up Function" or meaning similar options (such as "Resume On KBC", "Resume On PS / 2 Mouse"), it will be set to "Disable" (shown below), close to the mainboard keyboard and Mouse five VSB Power supply, PS / 2 photoelectric Mouse off nature also will not light after.
The BIOS setting
In addition, sony vgn-fe880e/h laptop keyboard as USB peripherals used more widely, many main board also provides a USB keyboard mouse boot function, in these on the mainboard optical mouse will also be USB after shutdown continue to shine. Want to shut down this function process and turn off the PS / 2 keyboard mouse boot function similar, you all to enter BIOS the main menu "Power Management Setup" page, will "USB Wake-Up From S3" or meaning similar option set to "Disable" can. Believe in the BIOS have an understanding friend even watch motherboard manual can easily get these Settings.
2, change the mainboard jump line
For some of the old models motherboard early listed concerned, because at the time the function of mortherboard BIOS is more onefold, these motherboard can only use jump line way to open or close the keyboard mouse boot function. Want to shut down the keyboard on the mouse function we must change the corresponding link state of jump line, therefore you must carefully read motherboard manual-old on the main board jump line of various, if not get the meaning of jump line just setting jumpers words, light will influence the normal function of the main board, heavy damage sony vgn fe770g laptop keyboard caused by the motherboard, that you to be very careful.
Solve the shine of optical mouse shut down the ultimate method
Although the above two kinds of method can solve most of the shutdown mouse still shine problems, but they are not everything. Because some motherboard while providing the keyboard mouse boot function, but the mainboard BIOS and did not provide close this function setting, on the main board also no corresponding jump line. In addition, we mentioned before the Intel chipset motherboard random part to USB port power supply phenomenon also can't through the BIOS or jump line setting off. If everyone in the above on the mainboard use USB optical mouse, so the mouse scanner light will not go out.
In fact the two kind of special circumstances in fact is normal phenomenon, both neither can influence of USB devices, also does not exist any security hidden danger. But if you think after shutdown still on mouse lights really make people feel uncomfortable so, can choose the most useful, eventually a method: cut off 220 V power supply utility, which pulled out the power cord plug sockets or close the total switch (many friends will host computer and display, speakers of the power cord plug in one socket use). Such already eliminated after the mouse lights off not destroy, but also save the display and main board in the power sony vaio vgn-nr430e laptop keyboard off (although power consumption is small, but can save but also good things), is kill two birds with one stone.